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“The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple.” Albert Einstein

Do you find yourself having to prioritize between substantive and procedural tasks?  If YOU are​:

  • overwhelmed with details

  • lacking time to focus on legal strategy 

  • unclear about deadlines and proper formats

  • overworked and feeling underprepared

You are not alone.

These are common issues

faced by many litigation teams. 

I am Nikeisha Jarita Wilson and I am The Creative Paralegal. My expert paralegal services will provide you with the peace of mind and customized litigation support to focus on your strategy and win your case. 

What I Do

the Creative Paralegal empowers patent litigators by providing paralegal services specializing in patent litigation case management, trial support, execution, and procedure creation.

As a seasoned patent litigation trial paralegal with 12+ years of experience, I have attended as the first-chair 7 trials and taken 15 to the pretrial phase in various Federal Districts. Having spent time working closely with the industry's top-patent litigators, I have learned to be proactive in providing solutions before the problems arise.

How I Do It

the Creative Paralegal provides the tools needed to win.  Schedule a consultation with me and I will:




bespoke support & solutions for YOUR patent litigation practice




provided with:

  1.  Open transparent communication

  2.  Commitment to excellence

  3.  Proactive task completion and quality control

  4. Tailored customization 

What People Are Saying

Marc Fenster, Partner

Nikeisha is a rare talent.  As head of a busy patent litigation group at Russ, August & Kabat, I had the pleasure of working with Nikeisha throughout her paralegal career, including a dozen trials in federal court. Despite coming from great firms like Irell, Knobbe, and Latham & Watkins, Nikeisha is hands down the best paralegal my team has ever worked with.  She is the master of her domain in trial.  Can’t overestimate the confidence she instills.  It’s a special thing being in court knowing that Nikeisha had thought through EVERYTHING, 3 steps ahead and down to the tiniest detail.  She enables a seamless jury presentation and was key to multiple jury wins.

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