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From my first late night at the office in 2007, piecing together cites for a trial brief, I knew that I was hooked. Being a paralegal spoke to my ANALYTICAL side, investigative by nature, multitasking, and living for productivity through organizational processes.


The attorneys took notice and threw me into the pool. My first trial, out of state. I did not drown. I swam to the edge, got my bearings, and knew how to get better. As a LEARNER, I sought to understand the process and to build it anticipating predictable STRATEGIC movements. I went to the next trial and I became better. I hit my groove, I learned how to support my TEAM by establishing RELATABILITY. I was fully in command of my realm. The benefits of narrowing my focus to patent litigation combined with the camaraderie of the firm fueled me. After many years of success and experience, I decided to leave the firm to focus on the next steps in my career and life to begin a RESTORATIVE approach seeking balance in my creative aspirations.

My strengths and creativity pushed me to take my knowledge, experience, and unique skillset to law firms, stepping in to deliver excellence. Thus, the Creative Paralegal was re-born and is here to restore your faith in your practice.

FUN FACTS When I'm not commanding a war room, I live in creativity and design. I have curated my living space, Urban Glam Oasis, to express my personality and am recently signed as a Model with BICOASTAL MGMT furthering my love for fashion. I have been pushing the boundaries of "business casual" dress with a chic combination of vintage and current pieces that impress professionals in both fields that influence my life. I strongly associate with INTP and Supportive/Dominant/Cautious personality traits.

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I have created a successful and praised workflow as a trial paralegal through many years of dedication to my career while I also assessed and reviewed my tasks and results to design, revise, test and finally implement procedures across the firm. My relevant employment experience is listed below.


Russ, August & Kabat, Los Angeles, California

  • Managing Paralegal/Senior Patent Litigation Paralegal– 2010 - 2019

  • Litigation Paralegal – June 2007 - 2010

  • Floater Legal Secretary/Paralegal – January 2007 – June 2007

GENERAL 2007 -2019

  • Prepare correspondence

  • Manage case calendars for multiple cases from inception

  • Manage discovery responses and requests; analyze and index

  • Prepare deposition binders; summarize depositions

  • Review evidentiary documents

  • Coordinate receiving, sending and processing document productions for review in document review platforms [proficiency in Disco & Relativity platforms] and coordination of source code storage

  • Legal research

  • Cite check pleadings

  • Draft pleadings and supporting documents

  • Prepare tables of contents and authorities

  • File and serve in Superior, Federal, and Appellate courts (proficient in e-filing in multiple federal districts)


SUPERVISORY 2010 - 2019

  • Supervise and train employees on administrative and court procedures

  • Create and implement procedural manuals for the Patent Litigation Department (including workflow procedures for legal assistants and paralegals; transitioning to a paperless office)

  • De facto supervisor of peer staff members, including paralegal and legal assistants

  • Validated and oversaw the preparation of pleading documents


TRIAL 2010 - 2019

  • Trial management from preparation to completion; first on-site; last to leave (first-chair paralegal in courtroom and war room location)

  • Prepare and manage budget

  • Coordinate travel for firm personnel, clients, expert witnesses, and consultants

  • Coordinate all trial logisitics including: source and set-up war room, sleeping room locations, reserve equipment vendors, and catering

  • Troubleshoot & problem solve location issues in alignment with trial team requests

  • Manage trial team including attorneys, clients, witnesses & instruct trial support personnel

  • Prepare exhibit lists and trial document binders 

  • Create direct and cross-examination witness binders

  • Proactively distribute trial binders, physical demonstratives and impeachment exhibits during trial


Trial Experience

  • July 2018: Nanology Alpha v. WITec, (EDTX)

  • May 2017: Realtime Data v. Riverbed, (EDTX)

  • September 2016: Core Wireless v. LG, (EDTX)

  • December 2016: Core Wireless v. Apple, (NDCA)

  • November 2013: TQP Development v. Newegg, (EDTX)

  • June 2011: Clear with Computers v. Hyundai, (EDTX)

  • August 2010: Bright Response LLC v. Google Inc., (EDTX)


The University of California, Los Angeles Extension

Attorney Assistant (Paralegal) Training Program

Litigation Certificate




  • Court Appointed Special Advocates is a national association in the United States that supports and promotes court-appointed advocates for abused or neglected children. CASA are volunteers from the community who complete training that has been provided by the state or local CASA office.

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