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Paralegal services consisting of litigation case management for all phases, specializing in trial execution, employee training, and customized manual creation designed for your firm. Please contact for rates. Customized plans and RETAINER BASED RATES are available. 




  • Litigation Case Management 

  • Motion Practice

  • Discovery Management

    • Document Production

    • Expert Reports 

  • Pretrial & Trial Execution

  • Litigation Employee Training

Litigation Management

  • Case Organization

    • Document Management

    • ​Client File Management​

  • Calendaring​​

  • Correspondence

  • Schedule court dates, depositions, meetings

  • Research and download case law and codes

  • Template creation 

  • Client/Matter Intake management

Motion Practice

Justice Scale
  • Draft supporting documents included with the filings, i.e. declarations, gather exhibits according to the court rules and attorney preferences

  • Electronic Filing: Federal & Appellate Courts

  • Creation of Table of Authorities and Table of Contents

  • Brief formatting, review & quality control

    • uniformity of typefaces, headings, citations, etc. throughout the document

    • confirm accurate and consecutive numbering of several elements such as page numbers and exhibits

  • Hearing preparation


Discovery Management

  • Draft, format, create templates and format discovery requests and responses

  • Summarize and Index Discovery

  • Manage, review and prepare document production 

    • Coordinate eDiscovery vendor for extraction of client documents, third-party subpoenaed documents; coordinate review, production, and transfer to counsel

    • Redaction

    • Bates Numbering

    • Prepare Redaction and/or Privilege logs

  • Deposition booking and preparation

  • Summarize and Index Depositions

  • Compile, index, and send documents to experts

  • Database management

  • Prepare document productions for review in document review platforms

Pretrial & Trial Execution 


Litigation Employee Training


  • Trial management from preparation to completion;

  • Optional lead paralegal in courtroom and war room location, if required

  • Coordinate travel for firm personnel, clients, expert witnesses, and consultants

  • Source war room and sleeping room locations

  • Troubleshoot & problem solve location issues in alignment with trial team requests

  • Manage trial team including attorneys, clients, witnesses & trial support personnel

  • Create direct and cross-examination witness binders

  • Prepare and manage budget

  • Customized training of Legal Assistant and Paralegals on law firm systems and proven best practices

  • Training Overview:

    • jurisdiction and courts, stages of litigation, procedural rules, file management

    • calendaring: importance, where to find codes and rules, procedures, laws and regulation regarding malpractice

    • discovery overview: discovery mechanisms, deadlines, and procedures, drafting and review

    • motion practice overview, drafting, formatting, review and electronic filing procedures 

    • pretrial and trial preparation overview

  • Mentoring and on-call assistance for paralegals

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